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“With the establishment of a new streamlined governance structure and the utilization of QUAM and SharePoint, we have created higher Transparency and Efficiency throughout our entire operation. That fact, combined with our enhanced ability to react to change, will guarantee a lean working environment, ultimate quality excellence and full customer satisfaction.”

Roman Rauper, Head of Business Excellence, OC Oerlikon Balzers AG, Liechtenstein.


Need: The deployment of a process-oriented Business Management Solution, capable of handling multiple languages, easy to use and
worldwide executable. 

Purpose: To standardize, restructure and centralize the Supply Chain Execution with specific focus on Quality Excellence and Customer Satisfaction.


About Oerlikon Balzers

OC Oerlikon Balzers AG is the leading global supplier of PVD coatings and other surface technologies which decisively improves the performance and service lives of precision components as well as metalworking and plastics processing tools. Oerlikon Balzers also develops coating processes, manufactures and markets coating systems and turnkey production lines and offers contract coating services through its dynamically growing network of currently almost 90 coating centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


Business Need and Requirements

Oerlikon Balzers prides itself on providing its worldwide customer base with a service and product solution that fulfi lls all of their highest expectations regarding leading technology, standards, quality, and continual improvement. For Oerlikon Balzers, quality is comprehensively defi ned and the company strives continually and systematically to improve its customer-focused business execution.


Its operational and quality management is determined by the following four core topics:

  • Efficient and Effective Business Processes Management
  • Certifications on Quality and Environmental Standards
  • High Quality Products and Service Offerings
  • Continual Improvement to zero-defect Quality World-Wide



Oerlikon Balzers needed a solution which would provide the company with a powerful, yet easy to use, application combining functionalities of a single and centralized managed core platform for Business Processes Modeling, an integrated Document Management and Collaboration System. The solution should also highlight in real time people’s responsibilities as a part of their overall and daily business activities.
The information platform needed to be easily accessible by all employees worldwide via the intranet, using an intuitive technology that would fit into Oerlikon Balzers' existing IT infrastructure and would have to also provide Multi-Language Process Management and Collaboration capabilities.
After evaluating several technologies from various IT suppliers, Oerlikon Balzers decided to implement QUAM 2.0 as their integrated, multilingual Management Solution utilizing Microsoft SharePoint technology.


Oerlikon Balzers is a subsidiary of the Oerlikon Group with 18,500 employees. Oerlikon Balzers itself has close to 3,000 employees and operates worldwide in 29 countries and almost 90 manufacturing facilities. Tens of thousands of customers are using Oerlikon Balzers' coating options. Every day, Oerlikon Balzers coats hundreds of thousands of tools and precision components.
Task/Programs: ISO 9001:2000 (QMS – Standard); ISO TS 16949 (Quality Management – Automotive); DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).
Objective: Continually improve Oerlikon Balzers’ Business Process Excellence and Lean Management initiatives in preparation for ISO Audit and Maintenance.

Solution Offered

QUAM 2.0 on Microsoft SharePoint technology was an ideal fit for its existing IT infrastructure. It is simple and intuitive to use for all employees at all levels of the organization. Core Processes can be modeled in English and per push of a mouse button replicated and translated into (up-to) 24 languages. Local businesses are now enabled to contribute to Oerlikon Balzers’ overall objective of continual quality improvement processes. The implementation was swift and seamless.

Benefits to Client

  • Centralized coordinated & homogeneously executed business operation
  • Continuous improvement contribution by all facilities worldwide
  • Creation of a uniform Governance Framework and standardized Business Process Management execution
  • Lean and Optimized product deployment with main focus on independent customer needs across various geographical areas
  • Faster adaptability to change
  • Product Standardization across all Production Facilities
  • Higher Transparency – Clear Allocation of Roles and Responsibilities
  • Ease of Coordination effort amongst the various Quality, R&D, and engineering groups across departments, facilities and worldwide
  • Cost lowering through increased effectiveness and coordination