Collaborative Project Management

CPM is a Collaborative Multi-Project Management tool based on Microsoft SharePoint. It enables the initiation, approval, planning and control of projects, facilitates cooperation and knowledge sharing in the project team, the filing of project documentation and results within the system enables a holistic view, also in even more extensive project portfolios or programs.

CPM  Projekt Management with SharePoint


To manage projects successfully, in addition to a detailed project planning, also means to control, to implement and finally to financially review projects. It is essential to keep track of one or several parallel projects in order to be able to react to deviations from the project plan (time, effort, budget, quality). The cooperation and communication in the individual project teams as well as across projects requires a structured approach.

  • Transparent Project Planning and Control
  • Project Planning via Gantt Charts
  • Efficient Work Through Generated Project Areas
  • Time Savings Through Reusable Project Templates

To Initiate, Plan, Control, Edit and Monitor Projects

Your project idea hold most firmly to the same CPM. Here you can make project proposals, manage, get approvals, and then plan the approved projects directly - all in one tool. Since each project portfolio is personalized, the content of project applications can be flexibly designed to company specifications. An automatic approval workflow enables efficient control of the project portfolio. The portfolio overview allows for easy and controlled access authorization and a holistic overview of a number of parallel projects.


Project templates can be set up for quick project launches when working with many recurring project maps. So you can quickly access the content coarse structure as work packages, milestones, subprojects, document and report templates from your proven reference projects.


 CPM Grafik


Plan your projects with web-based tried and true structural plans and schedules: the interactive Gantt-Chart facilitates scheduling in an intuitive web interface, a clear structure breakdown is automatically generated and makes an overview of subprojects and work packages easy. Create milestones, work packages, and define budgets, responsibilities and many other aspects of your projects. An enhanced planning mode provides the opportunity to make project processes regardless of the shared plan and then update your project plan with the press of a button. Three planning levels are applied in the Gantt-Chart for this purpose: for the currently enabled plan, the plan found in the planning mode, the original plan. With this method, changes and adjustments can be developed during the project period and can be easily released. Useful information such as the critical path, in additionally support optimal project planning. Cooperation in projects is particularly important. This is made possible even in the planning stage by planning responsibility distribution between the project leader and project management office, which can handle the planning of their assigned subprojects.


To Implement Projects and Secure Success

A multi-project overview enables managers to quickly orient themselves with programs or an entire project portfolio of existing projects in the system. Central target parameters such as project status, budget or deadlines are displayed here in a consolidated way and project resources can be centrally managed and maintained. Through Outlook integration, project meetings can be created quickly, communicated and documented in the system. The system's project manager receives automatic reminders of budget overruns or overdue tasks.


Risk management is integrated into the CPM to manage risk in the project. Risk categories, probability and extent of damage can be estimated here and response scenarios to avoid risks are formulated. This can be linked to project tasks so that each project participant can act immediately along agreed procedures in an emergency. Risks are managed and monitored through graphical overviews, lists and diagrams.

Documentation of the results can be performed directly in the system by work packages or summary tasks are linked and associated with directly with result documents. Time and expenses can be reported back to work packages and facilitate efficient cost controlling for project hedging. To support the progress monitoring of project reports, such as status, project completion or project financial reports can be generated from the system data with the press of a button.


MyCPM (Personalized Project Overview in SharePoint)

MyCPM is a personalized portal page in CPM, which provides a user with personalization of all the relevant information for all available projects, in which the employee is involved. In this way all project participants get an overview of their projects, tasks, open dates, responsibilities, work packages or documents for which you are responsible. A handy function informs the project members via email about new appointments or tasks in the individual projects. Relevant appointments appear and can be viewed in the calendar. Project-based task scheduling and appointment management is also possible here.

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