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Working together using Microsoft Office 365 – Mutual collaboration; planning operations; sharing knowledge; sharing resources and joint implementation of projects in the context of the modern global division of labor; mobility, regardless of location or time zone and regardless of the form, manufacturer or operating system of the end device – all of these things are the objectives of Join.




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join2   Office 365 Apps

Join supports you in your day-to-day work using Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online as a basis. Join combines, configures and extends the standard functions of the Microsoft Cloud by providing useful apps for efficient collaborative work. 

  • Fast retrieval and shared editing of documents
  • Shared appointment coordination
  • Calendar-based materials administration
  • Time logging and employee management

Working in the Microsoft Cloud makes connecting your employees easier and guarantees that everyone has up-to-date and consistent information. It reduces administrative expenses to a minimum and promotes working together on shared projects, regardless of location and with mobile implementation on all platforms. Take advantage of secure working in the Cloud to share information and for communication and organization in your company, association or institution. It is a long-term solution that does not require investment in in-house infrastructure and minimizes the need for maintenance, upkeep and updating of in-house applications – all at manageable monthly costs. Join offers you various apps which can be used independently of one another, with a Microsoft Office 365 user account as a basis.





.Material app – materials administration

Using the .Material app you can manage all of your organization's affairs, no matter whether projectors, vehicles or premises are involved.  You can make a log of the material with the required metadata, such as storage location, expiry date (e.g. for medical equipment), inspection dates (e.g. for vehicles) and all other required data. Each of your employees can reserve and book the material they require. A comprehensive log is made of which employee has borrowed which material, for which time period and for what purpose. Materials cannot be double-booked if they have already been booked once. The bookings are then clearly listed in the materials calendar. An additional "materials administrator" must approve the reservations, and can also reject these for valid reasons, thus maintaining an overview. The .Material app gives you a clear list of the inventory at all locations and the assignment of metadata means you receive automatic notifications for required reorders or inspection dates.


.Staff app – Staff management

Along with the contact details of your employees or members, the .Staff app allows you to also log and manage their qualifications, personal equipment and e.g documents. Depending on the predefined authorization process, each employee also has the option to update this data themselves.

 This also provides the HR manager with a fast overview of all staff skills, which can be easily filtered using various criteria.  Each employee can access and update their own data regardless of location using a central and secure storage location in the Cloud. When used together with the .Material App, determining who has booked which material for which time period can be done quickly and easily.



.Time app – time logging

Your employees can easily log their working hours with the .Time app. Electronic time logging gives you a quick overview and practical evaluation of staff working hours. The time sheets can be forwarded and are used as a basis for accounting procedures. The .Time app significantly reduces the work involved here, as carrying out the time-consuming process of maintaining and managing time sheets is no longer necessary.

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