Process-Oriented Organization Management

QUAM stands for process-oriented organization management in Microsoft SharePoint, by far the most popular collaboration platform for collaboration, social networking, intranet portals, content management, document management and business applications in companies. With QUAM, users can easily model content in Microsoft Visio and organize their models of cooperation.


QUAM  QUAM - Process Portal for SharePoint


Processes, mapping organizational structures and related resources, present a challenge to many companies. Whether it’s for a necessary certification or establishing company wide standards: the design and documentation of the processes and structures should not rest on the shoulders of an individual. Organizational knowledge is created decentrally and concerns everybody. The QUAM process portal supports modeling by many different people and publication for all.

  • More transparency in processes and organization
  • Ease of use through a familiar Microsoft environment
  • Receiver-oriented processing of information
  • Consistent data storage in your SharePoint

Modeling Processes and Enriching Knowledge

Who does what, how, when, why, by what rules, using which ressources? QUAM answers all quetions to the employees and stakeholder. Employees get the chance to participate in the analysis, modeling, visualization, documentation, and implementation of processes and organizational structures. Processes, organizational charts, and other organizational relationships are intuitively modeled in Microsoft Visio. Via Microsoft SharePoint, they become navigable objects and come "to life" by linking people, responsibilities, forms, IT systems utilized, and forms to keep in mind for the ultimate repositories of knowledge about a company's organization.


With SharePoint as a base, QUAM carries knowledge along and every employee can use this easy to access knowledge. Different views and custom content on the home page allow for quick orientation for employees. The familiar Microsoft environment saves training time, which in turn can be invested in process optimization.



To Effectively Use Process Management Based on SharePoint

QUAM stands for process-oriented organization management in SharePoint - the interactive and collaborative intranet - and helps to visualize and optimize business processes. QUAM adapts to the challenges of your company whether for the representation of individual departments' processes, to support audits or for group-wide, location-independent and multilingual introduction of a process management.

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